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  • Blissfully Clueless

    Blissfully Clueless

    A time catcher. The time trap contraption of choice — camera. Blissfully Clueless about most things: photography, music and let’s be frank — life in general.

  • Robert Gowty

    Robert Gowty

    Idiot Saveloy from Tasmania. Lurching aimlessly between the absurd and the serious. Byte shuffler. Mouth breather.

  • Jillian Spiridon

    Jillian Spiridon

    just another writer with too many cats

  • Penny Grubb

    Penny Grubb

    An award-winning crime novelist & long-time amateur poultry keeper, who specialised in teaching methods, healthcare & software engineering as an academic.

  • Esther George

    Esther George

    Writer • Dreamer • Storyteller • I write about discovering and living your best life now.

  • C.A. Jaymes

    C.A. Jaymes

    Author of the novel, “Snake Pit: A Punk Rock Murder Mystery,” she writes about music’s ability to inform and transform our lives in magical and mysterious ways.

  • Melissa Coffey

    Melissa Coffey

    Australian published writer & poet. Freelance editor. Writing on pleasures of the text. Finding my tongue on feminist ideas. Drunk on metaphors. 2x Top Writer.

  • Kassondra O'Hara

    Kassondra O'Hara

    7 time Top Writer ~ Working mom who uses her curiosity to fuel the curiosities of others ~ Writes mostly history and true crime

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